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Focus Weight Loss Club?

Our weight loss programs include a combination of weight loss supplements, low calorie diets, weekly intramuscular injections, and prescription appetite suppressants for preventative and chronic weight loss management. Under medical supervision, our proven weight loss programs offer a safe and easy way to lose weight. We also FOCUS on stabilizing associated comorbidities that may be affecting your weight (i.e. hypertension, diabetes, and thyroid disease). You can trust that you are in experienced hands when you come in to Focus Weight Loss Club.

Our Weight Loss Club Consultation Includes:

Physical Exam, Labs, and EKG


  • Head-to-Toe assessment with a FOCUS on obesity related comorbidities, treatment and prevention
  • Labs that will give you and our medical staff a clearer picture on any abnormal enzymes, metabolic disorders, and or electrolytes that could be preventing you from reaching your ideal body weight
  • EKG will let the medical staff know if you may have any cardiac complications. This will assist us in not only choosing which treatment plan options will be most productive for you, but also assist the medical staff in making the correct referrals if needed.


Weekly Fat Burner and B12 Injection


  • Our weekly injections are compounded in an aseptic environment and verified by a Doctor in Pharmacy (Pharm D).
  • The injections not only contain energy and fat-burning properties, but also a liver detoxification properties as well.
  • Injections are only given to our patients by certified, licensed, and or registered healthcare providers.


One-On-One Nutritional Support


  • It has been proven that if your diet isn’t tailored for you your chances of continuing the program reduces tremendously.
  • We are here to tailor fit your diet as best as we can. We listen to your daily routines and guide you every step of the way to ultimately encourage you to make the necessary life style changes.
  • Our methods have been tested and proven to work.


Exercise Recommendations


  • There can’ t be a successful program completion without exercise.
  • Assessment of your current exercise regimen will be done and modified according to your age, body frame, and overall fitness level.
  • We will continue to modify and tailor fit your exercise regimen throughout the program until your ideal weight and fitness level is reached.


Confidential Weigh-Ins


  • Being overweight can be embarrassing.
  • We not only keep your weigh-ins confidential, we keep everything confidential.
  • We are a HIPAA compliant facility.

Call 832-363-1032 or Come In and See Us. No Appointment Needed.

Focus Weight Loss Club